Art and Illness

I was able to do some painting earlier this month (an example is at, same one posted to the art history section of my business site), but a week and a half ago I got a migraine. A long-lasting, drains it all away, nasty one. Just as I was getting over that… I catch the virus that plagued Tom for several days. So this week I am doing the things I must — getting kids to and from appointments mostly — and sitting around the rest of the time.

Yesterday I felt better, but just as I was about to start my day I learned that a long-time acquaintance had died. Not quite a friend to me, but certainly a fixture in my life, and it just took the wind out of my sails. No heart for art.

Last night I felt better and I was looking forward to having several hours today between the errands… but woke with a really bad stomach ache. Every time I move it hurts. Just hurts. I think it’s the chicken I ate for supper last night… more fatty than I am used to. So again, I am sitting as much as I can, trying to let this also pass.

Feeling as if the start of Spring has let me down this year. It was brilliantly sunny up until about ten minutes ago, and rain is expected to move in for a few days. Chances are, it will hold off until I am feeling able to play…

It is difficult to be creative in the way I like when I am not well. The amount of focus it requires (is this a sign of deficiency or talent?) must seem absurd to most, but I can completely lose myself when I am painting, just as I can in the garden.

It is frustrating to me, to have ideas I want to produce, and not have the energy to set them onto paper or words.

SO, I am looking forward to feeling better, having the sunny weather return when I can enjoy it, and getting on with my projects and playing in the garden with the critters.

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