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And now a Palindrome

Yes, we have a first-time palindrome in the family. Our younger child turned 11 yesterday…

And time has just flown by. He is nearly as tall as I am, his feet are bigger. So capable, so interested in life, so full of energy and promise. I remember when I first held him and he was warm and soft — and hungry! I remember when his older brother first saw him, only hours old, and patted him and said, “Hello, Baby Drant” I remember when we took him home that first night, and his father held him while I ate my dinner, so gentle and happy.

And all the years that have come between, full of milestones. A few scary moments, of course, but mostly joyful and fun. So good to get children through the youngest years and watch them start to come into their own.

And in just a few more years, he and his brother will be off on their own adventures, peripheral to ours. What will it be like to have a quiet evening — every evening? What will it be like to cook for just two? What will it be like to no longer know about every bump and bruise, every challenge and triumph?

For now, I will try to enjoy these days of commotion and worry and growth and fun.


Middle of February!


Hard to believe time is flying by so quickly. The weather the first week of the month was — unsettled. And windy. And rainy. And the power went out. Twice.

Then, for over a week, the skies were mostly clear once the fog burned off, and warmer than normal.

Today, it is COLD. It went below freezing overnight, and I am concerned about the fruit trees that are starting to produce buds. Hopefully they weren’t so far along that the cold will damage them.

It is supposed to get even colder tomorrow. Maybe even some snow in a few places.

G’s birthday party is scheduled for Saturday at the rollerskating rink. Then the boys have a week off school. We want to go skiiing at least one day mid-week, and G’s birthday we’ll visit mother’s school for a little bit.

And I know we’ll be watching the entire Star Wars series including the Clone Wars animations…

At least we have plenty of good “inside” days (and a working generator) coming up!