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A Real Chestnut

REALLY  I have a *insert drumroll here* chestnut on the tree across the parking space from the house!  I am so thrilled.  And as I looked at the wonderfully chartreuse casing, I looked up and realized the tree has grown easily four feet this year!

I think we can cut back most of the shrubs next to it this fall, leaving the willow tree, the Japanese kerria, the red osier dogwood and the remains of the stumps.  The miscellaneous berries in that clump can go, and I can move the fennel plants to another location.  They do well anywhere, really, except in truly boggy areas.

The air has been autumnal this last few days — not just in terms of temperatures and cloud cover, but the quality of the light.

Maybe it has something to do with the gradual yellowing of the leaves on deciduous trees.

Or the angle of the sun as it moves on its arc to the south.

Perhaps it’s something about many flowers that are in full bloom now — we have passed the “mostly green” part of summer growth, and now the late summer and early autumn blooms are coming in — gladioli, mums, late-blooming lilies.

The perennials are getting as tall as they will, some are flopping over (really must get stakes ready for next year).

The garlic heads are turning brown and the weeds in that patch are going to seed.  The pumpkins are big enough to see without magnification, zucchini and crookneck squash are ripening.  Time to harvest.   Time to finish picking the last of the summer berries and can or freeze as much as possible.

Time to enjoy the dry weather and play outside, or just sit and read in the shade.


Summer Time… and the livin’ is ?

As the vacation draws to a close, we are starting to go through things that we no longer need in an effort to make room for the new things we need.  G has pretty well cleared out his bookshelves and desk area.  M has worked on closet and desk and bookshelf (a little).  I have…  well let’s just skip my lack of motivation.

Have been making scarves some, writing a little, canning and drying foods a bit each day.  Want and need to get the work benches in my office cleared for serious work next month.  Need and want to get the living room back into “visitin’ order” — no space really to sit down right now!

The yard is managing more or less on its own this summer.  The dogs are surviving, but not overly happy.  One is recovering still from ripping off a toenail; the other is battling a wide-spread yeast infection.

So, not much of real interest or importance, just hanging in there and trying to stay cool.


Hair cut

Well, after thinking about it for several months, I have finally cut my hair short again. Well, Tom cut it for me. I started out looking like this:

my hair before it was cut


starting the cut



and finally, done!

short hair at last!

We are donating the hair to Locks of Love which makes hair prostheses for children. It is in honor of the many people we know who are undergoing cancer therapies.

In addition to the actual hair, this organization can use some funds to help in the manufacture and all.


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