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Happy Halloween!

Once again the harvest is over

once again the leaves cover the ground

once again the misty fogs hovers

once again pruning and burning begins

Now the frost comes

now the dark days

now the long nights

now the remembrance of summer passed

Soon the earth turns

from day into day

from night into night

from time into time

Gather in your children

gather in your cares

gather in your joys

gather and celebrate:

Happy Halloween



First Frost, First Freeze

Yesterday we woke to the first significant frost on the ground.  I cut the last good dahlias in the afternoon and gave them to my mother for her birthday.

Last night when I went to sleep it was already below freezing and remained so for most of this morning.  Only the dogs, with their fur coats, wanted to play in the sunshine.

I will wander around the yard this afternoon, but don’t expect the more tender plants to have made it.  I left a couple of planters outside, thinking I had more time… 

Oh well.  Such is life.  And on the plus side, once the dahlias are asleep, I can lift them and separate them for next year, and start thinking where I want to put new beds in!


A cool online publisher…

for short stories!  also has a game section on the website.

I have only read a few of the stories, but they are interesting.  And short stories are about what my attention span allows these days!


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