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time and again

This is just so cool!

BBC article about Stonehenge

Not just houses near Stonehenge, but with the remains of feasts!

Yes, we humans have nicer and bigger houses, but we have always enjoyed a good party!

Now, if we used our mighty machines, fancy communications and manpower for partying instead of war?


Bugsy Malone, Jr.

Well, the marathon weekend is over — four plays in three days is a bit much… still the kid had fun and that’s what it’s all about.

Here are pics:

The first two are G as “Fat Sam”, an important role!

g as fat sam
These next two were taken backstage when G is a member of the chorus (second cast):

And the final pic, the finale when G is part of the chorus, you can see him in the second row, just right of center.  He threw himself into the part, whether star or part of the ensemble!

And yes, I am a proud mama!


Artist Trading Cards

A group of us who play Babble have decided to trade these “Artist Trading Cards.” I made my first few this last week, prototypes in advance of actually making the cards I will trade with other Babblers. I think I am getting a feel for this size and shape, and will eventually share some of the results at my business site, to give people an idea of the range of ideas I have.

For now, here are two I made that were pretty nice. The first is for the husband of a friend, using a piece of silk I painted last year. Simple, but it looked really pretty. The actual size is 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

heron ATC abstract on silk

The one I made for my friend was more complicated. I wanted to experiment with making three-dimensional views of a pear using the lino block I carved in 2005 or early 2006. I used paper, acrylic paint, cotton thread, ink and some thick two-sided adhesive foam to pad the pear on the cover. Again, the height is 3.5 inches and the closed width was 2.5 inches. Open, it was about 4.5 inches.

Front and back:

the front for the pear harvest ATCthe back of the ATC which reads JOY


the inside of the card with inscription and more abstract pear

I am having fun!


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