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And a Happy New Year?

Well, the last month of school went well. Busy, but well. The first grading period for M ended, and he managed to squeak out two “A” grades with a “C” and several “B” grades. His concert on the final Thursday went well, but G had food poisoning… so he missed his brother’s concert and so did I. Luckily, G was able to make it through his school day (we hadn’t realized he was ill) and so did his solo when his class visited the nursing home to sing carols. He did miss the last day of classes, but was well enough to drop off his presents and cards for his teachers when I went to pick up M at the end of the day. He also had done a super job on Tuesday with a presentation before his class, and again that evening played in his first concert on his fiddle. We need to get him the next bigger size…

I was really tired the second week after I returned from California, and so some of the decorating and baking that I would have done wasn’t. But that’s okay. We had a fine St. Nicholas Day and the children enjoyed their presents. Was able to put up a new bulletin board in G’s classroom the Friday after I returned, and T helped, which made it go faster. Trying to keep things pulled together the way I like (didn’t quite make it) allowed me to focus better than I usually do this time of year. Still, our family newsletter will once again be a “new year” letter, and the pics of the kids will be “found” I think, from our collection of snapshots taken over the summer.

The really big news (for me) is that we now have a bona fide teenager in the family! And Lucky is now two years old. They both seem to have matured quite a bit in the last month, growing into their paws/feet a little more, settling down a bit and remembering to do the things they need to. And I am OLDER as well, but not feeling any more MATURE or WISE…

Our dear friend J visited us today, home on holiday from his job as a math professor! We are so proud of him, and glad to have seen him and spent time playing Trivial Pursuit. We enjoy his jokes and games, and he did really well with Lucky (except when he would leave the room and come back, and Lucky thought he was an intruder — let’s just say I am really safe when I am alone!).

At the end of the year, we are looking at a leak in the roof, repairs to one of the cars, new glasses for Matthew, and possibly braces. Not sure where we’ll get the funds, but we keep working and saving up as we can, so I believe we will be okay. The car can wait, the glasses won’t be that much, the braces might not be immediately necessary, and the roof — well, that’s something that must be taken care of sooner than later, but we can hold out a few more days and try to track down the source of the leak before we call in a professional.

Mostly, we have had good fortune this year. My grandfather is well, and he and his partner are looking forward to traveling to New Zealand next year for her daughter’s wedding. We were able to see them the day after Christmas at their friends’ house in Portland. Nice people (of course!) and we had a pleasant afternoon visiting.


December 2 Family Updates

Well, the last week of November was quite different from our planned “down time” —

My grandmother was taken ill very suddenly, so I flew down with my parents to visit her in the hospital. T and the children stayed home, and had a nice, quiet four-day weekend. I divided my time between the hospital and short afternoon trips to defuse. Enjoyed the Descanso Gardens, The Norton Simon Art Museum, the Gene Autry Museum. Was able to bring some small comfort to my grandmother when she was awake, and glad I was there to support my mother this time. We returned this past Tuesday evening. Wednesday, I worked on getting myself back into some sort of routine. Yesterday, she went home with hospice care. Today, the children’s school will begin two hours late due to snow.

Yesterday was Lucky’s second birthday. He is settling in nicely, though at the moment doesn’t quite trust me to come back when I have to go out for a little while. His weight appears to have leveled off at a good point, and he is bright and cheery. Even Buffy seems to be okay with having him around now. I encourage them to play tug of war with the “Tug” — and it is cute to see him pick up his head and lift her off the ground briefly… she doesn’t seem to mind, and it’s good for her to actually play for a change.

We have been fortunate this year to have good advice concerning the children, good weather for the plants, good friends to support us when we needed it, and good times to build happy memories. This weekend, we will begin decorating for our month of holidays, and I hope to finally get that quince jelly made…


Leadership Qualities Site

Leadership Development – Results focused Leadership thinking and practice from around the Globe

This is an interesting website, and the descriptions of various types and styles of leaders is great. I am especially impressed that it talks about the life history and the approach these people had to life in general.

I have to finish surfing through, but it sure looks promising as a resource for personal growth!