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Summer Swelter

It’s hot here today. I’ll be watering something all day long, I suspect… It’s been dry while we were on vacation and though Tom watered some of the more sensitive plants, the rest really need a good soaking.

The dogs are ecstatic that we are home. G is throwing a fit. M is getting ready for camp. I am tired and trying to get caught up on email and news. We got two loads of laundry done yesterday, hoping we don’t need to do any more today. And the house will need a thorough going-over, but that can wait until the weekend. I am looking forward to some quiet time with T, working together around the house and yard during the days and watching movies at night.

I will post details of our trip (which was wonderfully fun) later — and some pictures, as well.

Until then, enjoy your days and cherish your children.