A Garden View

Entry Garden, Spring 2004

This picture of the front of the house shows the entry garden mid-spring 2004 with the medlar tree closest the door, the fig, and the butterfly bush at the corner soon after it was moved to that location. A little hard to see at this resolution are the lovely golden California poppies under the living room window and the purple irises between the fig and the corner of the house.

The wood chips were fairly new at the time, so didn’t have a lot of weeds growing in them yet!

Entry Garden, Summer 2005

This picture taken the following year from the opposite angle shows the exuberance of the weeds — from the lemon balm “melissa officinalis” to the kale that bolted and looked so pretty we left it — but doesn’t show the trees in the front of the house as well as the one from 2004. Notice the gardening tools next to, in front of and on the steps!

Entry Garden, April 2006

The above picture was taken in the Spring of 2006. You can see how much bigger and fuller everything seems. Can’t see the pretty bluebells under the medlar, or the pot of violets Grant put on the chair under the fig, but they are lovely. You can see a few more weeds in the bark, and how severely I cut back the butterfly bush this past winter…

And the most current picture, the end of August 2006: the foliage of the fig tree almost obscures the house, the butterfly bush is back to size, the medlar has been trimmed back a bit from the driveway but still provides a nice screen and shade for the house.

Front of House August 2006

And yet another view of the front of the house, this time in the snow.� The clutter at the corner of the house by the yellow garbage can is construction debris from the roof repairs that are as of the end of November 2006 not yet complete.� Soon…

the house in the snow

And here we are again, March 2007:  a few twigs and bits still to clean up, but already the daffodils are beginning to bloom, the irises have new green shoots, the rose has bright burgundy tips.

another view of the entry garden