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Convince Nike to just Do the Right Thing

Among the social justice issues I track are housing, education, healthcare, diversity and fair labor practices. Garment workers around the world tend to be poorly treated, badly paid and work in unsafe conditions (not all, just in general). They do this so those of us who have time to sit and blog can wear comfy, cheap clothes.

Here’s a small way to make a statement if you knit or crochet. Microrevolution’s Blanket Petition.

I see that NOBODY from Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma or Wyoming has contributed. It is possible that folks just aren’t aware of this project (as I wasn’t until ten minutes ago) — or have they heard about it and figured their voices don’t count? Though corporations are not democracies and don’t have to listen to the voices of others, they do tend to take notice when consumers contact them en masse.

No, Nike isn’t the only company still using underpaid, overworked, third-world employees to produce clothing for people whose closets are already full… but you’ve gotta start somewhere!

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