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anniversary flowers

Tom remembered on Thursday!    He brought me a lovely bouquet with alstroemerias, carnations, mums…  some sort of heath, salal, palms and a few other assorted greens and fillers.

And here is is, as it sits in my office, brightening my time as I work.

the anniversary bouquet

For those who are curious, this is #16.



I finally have some pictures I can share of the garden. I took these last Sunday, so they are current.

tulips by front door

the mound March 2007

bright yellow primroses on a spring morn

Last but not least, the obedience training continues.  Here, Lucky is working with his football:  Sit!  Stay!

Lucky dog and football


Where to find updates

As you probably know, I have several blogs I maintain, some more or less consistently. Lately, I have been updating the most reliably.

I am managing to post once a week on average at

I try to write two chapters a week of the story at

I drop in to occasionally — the last time I was there I wasn’t able to get to any pages to post, they were having some sort of server problems.

I have three lenses now at,,

I haven’t written anything for the hitchhiker’s guide lately.

So if you stop by here and don’t see anything current, I would suggest stopping by as the most likely recent posting will occur there.


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