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time and again

This is just so cool!

BBC article about Stonehenge

Not just houses near Stonehenge, but with the remains of feasts!

Yes, we humans have nicer and bigger houses, but we have always enjoyed a good party!

Now, if we used our mighty machines, fancy communications and manpower for partying instead of war?


Just for silly

What would it be like if we all had noble titles? If we were all bound by the code of chivalry to proper and kind behavior?

Here is my title, what’s yours?

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Royal Highness Stidmama the Inexorable of Lower Beanthrop in the Hedge
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title



I wrote another silly poem and posted it at blogspot for those who would like the sentiments behind this post.

2006 was, politically, economically, internationally — disastrous for my country in many ways. I am not going to discuss those things here… they are all over the news services. For a different — and very harsh — perspective, check the news from countries that are traditionally allies of the United States.
2006 was, personally and professionally — a real growth period for me.

I am learning to manage my anxiety and panic attacks without medication most days. I am dealing with increased migraines but have medicine that seems to work when I can take it. I am still struggling with other health issues but most days can manage to meet obligations and have some energy left over for me.

I discovered a “social” outlet that didn’t require daily human contact but has led to meeting new people. I also began to volunteer at the children’s school — not in their classrooms, but it’s a step. I am very pleased that I am well enough to do this.

I am starting to be able to back off when the adolescents in the family need it, to stand my ground when they need it, and to tell the difference more than half the time. This has led to decreased stress and increased compliance with requests.

I sold something I made to someone who was not family or very close friend.

And this past week — I cleaned out the office enough to sit at my computer desk when I want! And got the livingroom, entry and part of the dining room rearranged (with help from my three muscular assistants). Small steps, but they feel good.

May your new year bring you many small steps and many big joys.


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