Busy Sunday

Today got really busy, started out this morning with my getting out early before it got too hot in order finish digging up an area so that we could plant a Magnolia which was the afternoons entertainment. In between that we all went to see Pirates of the Carribbean, At Worlds End. A fun movie, not as much comedy as the other two movies but still a decent show. I read a review of the movie and he did not like it but I did not quite see the problems that the reviewer picked out. I suppose the reviewer was expecting Casablanca and was disappointed. And I still made time to sit down and read the Sunday paper. A good day, the only drawback is I did not get hold of my sister, will have to look for her online tomorrow.

Good Day

Good day to you and today has been a good day. The really good news:
Boston WON! Beat the Yankees in 4 straight games! I have always liked Boston, rooting for the underdog I guess and have never liked the Yankees, not many who live outside New York who do and most of them are from NY in the first place I suspect.

Good day at work too. Bit of a scare this morning, a client could not connect to the web app I have been working on, turns out it was thier firewall blocking access. The odd thing is that it was working well before an upgrade was installed Tuesday night. Very odd since nothing changed in how the web app is acccessed. The rest of the day went pretty well thankfully.

I have finally taken the chance to watch the rest of Season 3 of the show 24. I had seen the first two seasons on DVD and recorded the third, now finally watching it. It is a very well done series.

A trying day.

Just a quick note here. First look at the past couple months for more happenings, I have been trying to fill in some gaps. Keep looking back, it will take me a while to get all my thoughts out.

What a day today was, thankfully it is almost over and we can try to make tomorrow better. There was blow up this morning between Kathleen and Matthew. Everyone is feeling the stress of going back to school I think, many different emotions bubbling up over this event, some good, some bad. It all starts the 8th, hopefully it will improve.

It was so bad I came home to help keep the peace and it generally worked. Later in the day we went out the YMCA for a swim. A good break for all of us, have to do that more often (we have certainly not been doing it enough lately). The evening closed out well so there is hope for tomorrow although I will probably go into work since I am trying to put in some overtime, time will tell.

Quick note

Been meaning to get back here for a couple weeks. We got more snow about two weeks ago, about 8-10 inches and I took some pictures that need to be posted. It was of course all gone in 4-5 days but it was fun while it lasted. Kids loved it of course. Grant even got out on the cross country skis, he loved that too.

Not much to say right now, it’s late and I need to get up early tomorrow, make that today, ugh. Nose back to the grindstone and all that at least while I am at the present grindstone. News coming on the work front too. Can’t wait to see my supervisors face when I tell him I am out of there, I like the people I work a lot but the advancement opportunities are nil. More later.

Enjoy! Happy New Year!

August 1, 2003

It has been a while and I won’t be saying much tonight as it is getting quite late. I have been staying up too late and getting up early to go work, not a good combination.

What a day at work, my server locked up, AGAIN. Third time in three weeks, it is getting tiresome. Not sure if it was causing it but I was running winvnc on there. I thought that I had turned it off after the last lockup but apparently missed something. This time I uninstalled it, now wait and see if it locks up again. Then there was just all the little bits and bobs that come up during the along with almost have a foolish mistake happen. Accidently set a tax rate to 650% instead of 6.5%, there was reason for this but I don’t want to go into it.

A good thing today is my parents came up to help clean things up some. They stormed through the kids’ room and it looks a lot better. Tomorrow we finish the job of organizing, they will be quite surprised to find there are floors in their rooms.


I think that I am going to like this. Moveable type looks quite nice and much less complicated than php-nuke. Now mind you php-nuke is very nice product also but it offers much more than I currently require. All I want to do is keep some notes up here for my own use and hopefully to help others. And also to pass news on to those who would like read it.
I like this.

Well, enough for tonight, I need to shower and get some sleep. Need to clean up because I was cutting the lawn today. That was quite a labor because for some places in the yard it was the first cutting of the season, too much damn rain! But I would rather not see things with too little rain. And I have to hit the rack because I in a training class this week for C# which is what we are changing to at work from Powerbuilder. Will report back later what I think about the new language. Good night.


Been busy with many other things. Also avoiding this old slow machine, too much I am afraid though since I do need to get my java program going. I also am going to look at some different software for keeping this up. I like phpnuke but it sure is complex. A lot more here than I require or have time for. We had a nice easter here. A somewhat relaxing day although I did take advantage of the dry weather to knock down the nearly foot high grass. It has been so wet lately that I have had few chances to cut the grass and of course all the water only encourages it grow more. sigh. Most of the usual stuff at work, perplexing problems that have no sensible explanation. My one project that is forever in test and never goes live and I still try to learn C#. This afternoon made an attempt at installing Visual Studio.Net, I had more than an hour but did no more than just setup IIS on my PC. Most of the time was taken trying to get the latest security patches from MS but our network has been saturated lately. I am told that an upgrade is going in this evening, sure hope it works because at this point it is all but useless.