August 1, 2003

It has been a while and I won’t be saying much tonight as it is getting quite late. I have been staying up too late and getting up early to go work, not a good combination.

What a day at work, my server locked up, AGAIN. Third time in three weeks, it is getting tiresome. Not sure if it was causing it but I was running winvnc on there. I thought that I had turned it off after the last lockup but apparently missed something. This time I uninstalled it, now wait and see if it locks up again. Then there was just all the little bits and bobs that come up during the along with almost have a foolish mistake happen. Accidently set a tax rate to 650% instead of 6.5%, there was reason for this but I don’t want to go into it.

A good thing today is my parents came up to help clean things up some. They stormed through the kids’ room and it looks a lot better. Tomorrow we finish the job of organizing, they will be quite surprised to find there are floors in their rooms.

Real Programmers Don’t Use PASCAL

Originally found

This is a bit dated (written in 1982) but a lot of concepts still apply today and any real programmers still out there can get a real kick out of this.

I am posting this here because it would be a damn shame for it to be lost because someone takes down their site.

This still needs some editing to get it looking just right but I am putting it up here now anyway.
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A quick note before I go to bed. Been so busy lately I haven’t time to do the much it seems. We did get the yard whipped into shape last weekend, in some places the grass about 2 feet tall, that takes a while to cut down to size. We also planted about 6 trees, Kathleen went to Raintree Nursery with her mother and picked a fair number of plants which had to put in the ground right away or a lot money would be wasted. Happy to say they are looking good.
Between work and home I had little time left to do just muck around. Hopefully will be better now, at least I won’t have to spend quite so much time on the yard.

Microsoft’s hypocrisy

I could go on here for a while if really tried but I won’t. My main point here is how MS has said all along the .Net is to be this great open architecture, everything can play together and won’t it be great. Turns out they were lying like a rug.

First they patent the CLR so that no other group can implement their standard without thier blessing (and payment). This will like kill off the mono project. They don’t mind and will likely port the CLR themselves to mac, freebsd, solaris but they expressly forbid it ever going to Linux. For being so dominant they are certainly very paranoid.

Second, I am told their web services are moving to where they will only to web services that are based on windows.

How is this better than Java I ask?

I expect more to come on this subject.

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I think that I am going to like this. Moveable type looks quite nice and much less complicated than php-nuke. Now mind you php-nuke is very nice product also but it offers much more than I currently require. All I want to do is keep some notes up here for my own use and hopefully to help others. And also to pass news on to those who would like read it.
I like this.

Well, enough for tonight, I need to shower and get some sleep. Need to clean up because I was cutting the lawn today. That was quite a labor because for some places in the yard it was the first cutting of the season, too much damn rain! But I would rather not see things with too little rain. And I have to hit the rack because I in a training class this week for C# which is what we are changing to at work from Powerbuilder. Will report back later what I think about the new language. Good night.


Been busy with many other things. Also avoiding this old slow machine, too much I am afraid though since I do need to get my java program going. I also am going to look at some different software for keeping this up. I like phpnuke but it sure is complex. A lot more here than I require or have time for. We had a nice easter here. A somewhat relaxing day although I did take advantage of the dry weather to knock down the nearly foot high grass. It has been so wet lately that I have had few chances to cut the grass and of course all the water only encourages it grow more. sigh. Most of the usual stuff at work, perplexing problems that have no sensible explanation. My one project that is forever in test and never goes live and I still try to learn C#. This afternoon made an attempt at installing Visual Studio.Net, I had more than an hour but did no more than just setup IIS on my PC. Most of the time was taken trying to get the latest security patches from MS but our network has been saturated lately. I am told that an upgrade is going in this evening, sure hope it works because at this point it is all but useless.


Another weekend come and gone. Not much computerish happened despite my having a big project to get done. I did get some bread made and pecan-cinnamon sticky buns (yum yum). Also made calzones yesterday for dinner, they were delicious. In fact, they were so good that Grant hated them and Matthew loved them, typically the indicator of a good recipe but it does make it hard to cook sometimes.


The days slip by so quickly. They are full days but I get home do stuff put the kids in bed and before I know what’s happened it is 11:30. Oh boy. Matthew had his soccer practice tonight and both boys will have games on Friday. Should be interesting, they are still playing by bunching around the ball. The coaches try but it is hard to break old habits. In my continuing search for a new computer I stopped by the computer store on Monday. They had this little box there made by Shuttle It’s smaller than a bread box but has about everything to offer. I liked it a lot but not sure I can lay out the $600 dollars it would take to fully equip it, processor, memory, hard drive. Then again I may just splurge some, later though. Intially I put in a link to above but when I clicked on it I was unable to come back here via the back button. I REALLY hate that! It would almost be enough to sway me away from what is a fine machine, I don’t care to do business with companies that irritate me.


I meant to get back tomorrow, especially since it so much simpler now to put up comments. I just spent the evening messing around, did not get a lot done it seems. Lounged around a bit this morning, made waffles, yum yum. Then made some bread, a basic honey-wheat recipe and by this time it was 12 pm. Poof there goes the morning. Losing an hour last night did not help, we all slept in a like amount. Perhaps I will take a few minutes to figure out php-nuke. Certainly can do a lot. Later.