Let’s get small

I took a look at this site on my phone and about the only response was ugh. So a quick search turned up this theme, Twenty Twelve, pretty simple but most important it comes through nicely on a small screen. I have been paying more attention to this after using my wsdot small screen site on my phone, it did make me happy. Eventually I will have a new site up which uses jQuery mobile, need to think of these things now a days, a lot browsing being done on these phones and such.


(Oops, forgot to publish this last week.)

There must be someone at MS with a sense of humor after all or perhaps John Cleese is consulting for them. Monty Python had a scit where a medical machine was brought into a hospital whose only redeeming value was that it went bing! Funny that MS wants associate their search engine with something that did nothing except cost money.

My 15 minutes?

I think that I got my 15 minutes of fame today, while listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Daily GizWiz, a letter I sent was read out. A couple weeks ago I had sent in a letter asking Leo Laporte to not sing with the jingles, when I was listening episode 769 in my car the dissonance between Leo and the music was really quite bad, the guy does great shows but can’t carry a tune. That’s fine, he does audio not music podcasts. I suppose I should follow up that letter with one extolling the good things about the Daily GizWiz show, might take a while to find them though. (If you listen to this show long enough you would understand this statement)

I suppose I do at least owe an apology to the all the other Tom Stidham’s out there (I know you are out there somewhere), I did not put my city in the letter which would mean everyone else who also has my name might have been asked if the letter was from him, no doubt leading to much confusion. Sorry about that, will try not to overlook this in the future.

Oh well, if you want to hear this for yourself have a listen to the podcast over at Leo’s site.

SimAquarium Fish notes

Notes on the various fish in SimAquarium, a fun widget that is available for the Opera browser. I have been looking for information on the fish in this little widget but have not been having much luck so here some my observations.

Southern platyfish – Inexpensive fish that reproduces quickly. Does not produce a lot of pollution. Short lived.

Guppy – An inexpensive that reproduces ok. Short lived.

Rosy Barb – Keep this fish in the tank all by itself and it will reproduce well. When it has to compete with other fish then its reproduction is slow to non-existent. Must have at least an underground filter or the water will dirty quickly. Slow growing but long lived. Appears the max per tank is 13.

Cardinal Tetra – This fish will reproduce quickly but does not cause too much pollution. A tank can support more than 60 of these fish without problem. Lives a little longer than the Sailfin but not much.

Marine Angelfish – very slow growing and reproduces quite slowly. They do look nice in the tank though.

Freshwater Angelfish – slow to grow and long lived, once full grown will reproduce quickly, especially when some breeding hormones are tossed in.

Discus – grows fast and short lived but will reproduce quickly especially with breeding hormones in the tank.

Paradise Fish – If you are looking to breed more fish then keep away from this one, it is very slow to reproduce if ever.