A week in Seattle

I have spent this past in Seattle attending a class at netdesk on XML.  An interesting class, the capabilities of XML and the various enhancement surrounding it like xslt are quite amazing.  I am looking forward to using this in the future to do interesting things with xml.

The other times I have been up I stayed at the Red Lion but this time I am at the the Sorrento Hotel. This is a nice place, apparently one of, if not the, oldest hotel in Seattle.  That is not a bad thing, the place has been well kept up and it also means that the single room is not some tiny little compartment where turning around is a challenge. The closet is big enough to walk into and store bags and such in without trouble. And the windows open! hardly ever find that today.

The only thing I have found to be disappointing is their fireside room.  The room is nice enough and if meeting friends it is good but the food service in there leaves a lot to be desired, the prices high for how little they serve and service is slow.  After I finished my sandwich, did I mention it was somewhat sparse, I asked for a couple minutes to decide on a desert, the server finally returned about 15 minutes later.  I just asked for the check and left.

Now this just the opposite from what the main dining room was like.  The server was very responsive and the Seafood Pot-a-feu I had was very good. I missed desert because I was late going down but even though I was there 10 minutes before closing the server  was very accommodating and responsive.

So, this is a  nice place and if you can afford then I certainly recommend it.