Drop all foreign keys

I was working on some tables today and found the need to drop all the foreign key constraints. There is no easy function in the manager so I whipped up this little bit of SQL that will create the commands needed to do this.  This will work in MS Sql Server 2000 and 2005

FROM information_schema.table_constraints

Real Programmers Don’t Use PASCAL

Originally found

This is a bit dated (written in 1982) but a lot of concepts still apply today and any real programmers still out there can get a real kick out of this.

I am posting this here because it would be a damn shame for it to be lost because someone takes down their site.

This still needs some editing to get it looking just right but I am putting it up here now anyway.
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Microsoft’s hypocrisy

I could go on here for a while if really tried but I won’t. My main point here is how MS has said all along the .Net is to be this great open architecture, everything can play together and won’t it be great. Turns out they were lying like a rug.

First they patent the CLR so that no other group can implement their standard without thier blessing (and payment). This will like kill off the mono project. They don’t mind and will likely port the CLR themselves to mac, freebsd, solaris but they expressly forbid it ever going to Linux. For being so dominant they are certainly very paranoid.

Second, I am told their web services are moving to where they will only to web services that are based on windows.

How is this better than Java I ask?

I expect more to come on this subject.

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