Car update

So here I am quite a bit later and finally getting an update out here. Have to get better at this.

Update, the car is going quite well, crossed over 60000 miles a couple weeks ago and still showing 12 bars of capacity. I don’t expect that to last a lot longer though, when I look at LeafSpy it show the state of health as 88% and from I have heard the bars start going away at 85.

Have added a few knicks and dings to it, my fault pretty much, watch those narrow parking spaces.

Now the ride, I have been pleased with it. I know that many feel that a car should be able to get to 60 in about 2.2 seconds but I have never been so enamored of that kind of power, just get me up to speed without whining and I am good. That said, when starting from a stop it can get going pretty quickly, that instant torque is very nice. So, it is smooth ride and comfortable to sit in and easy to get in and out of.

One thing is for certain, for my daily driver I would never go back to a fossil fuel powered vehicle. Sure up front an electric costs more but over time the upkeep and “fueling” is much cheaper.

Now the next thing is too see about getting a level 2 charger installed at the house. That would help fair bit in making it more useful since charging a low battery to something useful can take quite a while with the supplied 120 volt charger, upwards of 12 hours.

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