Microsoft can’t get it right

All these years we figure Microsoft Windows performed poorly on other hardware was because of the many permutations of that it had to deal with, well the Surface Pro 3 I recently got at work dispels that notion. It’s biggest failing is that once the device goes into hibernation it never comes back out, have to force it to turn off and then boot it up again. This is to say the least a very annoying feature. I figure that this is hardware designed by Microsoft to run software designed by Microsoft and they still could not get it right.
Another unfortunate aspect is they bought into the dpi race, the resolution is so high for such a small display that the text renders very small, it can be increased but the real problem is when I need to remote into my desktop, the screen is practically unreadable with everything being so small.
One more thing the trackpad on their keyboard, well suffice it say that I have yet to see a trackpad on a PC that works well.

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