I cannot believe this is happening

A couple people from Service master came out today to assess the contents of the house. In a nutshell if it is metal, ceramic or glass then generally the item is savable.
Plastic or pressboard stuff, forget about it. Important papers they can treat with ozone to neutralize the odor, or at least some of it. What will happen is they will come out and pack up everything, while doing they sort things into boxes for cleanable and not. We can then go through the boxes and decide if something cleanable is not needed and for the not cleanable items we can request an item be cleaned for a best effort clean, for instance sentimental items.

Now under the category of can it get any worse, well yes it can. We have been doing a lot of shopping (amazing how quickly one can spend a lot when most of the things you use everyday are no longer available). So that means a fair bit of driving around to different stores. Well, as we were heading back to the room in the afternoon we get sideswiped on Black Lake Blvd. This guy sitting at a red light in the lane that goes straight looks up and realizes the turn lane has a green light and even though taking that route is longer he has to get in turn lane so that he can be moving unlike those other losers who are sitting the red light. Problem is we were already in that lane and he turns right into us, puts his left rear door into our front fender. Minor damage, no effect to driving but it stills takes more than an hour for the police to respond and write up the incident. Of course, the car will need to go back to the shop now, sigh.

That pretty well killed the day for us, we had been planning on looking at an apartment, that did not happen. Kathleen was pretty shook up and decided to wait until Monday to return to the classroom she has been subbing in on long term basis.

Hopefully the universe is done with us, we are ready for it to turn its attention somewhere else.

3 thoughts on “I cannot believe this is happening”

  1. Tom, I am so sorry to hear about all this — esp. the fire. We went through that a few years ago — kitchen fire — and while the whole thing was pretty horrible, I do remember: the wonderful insurance folks (we have Farmer’s but the experience was similar to what you describe); it does eventually get put back together, more or less … and my three-year-old son, being told that we couldn’t go home because our house had to be cleaned and fixed up first, saying “I will get my tools, I will get my sponge, I will clean and fix.”

  2. Wow, Tom, quite a horrible mess. glad all is well, as you are all alive and relatively happy, depending on where you are in the final settling with Allstate. If we were closer, we would pitch and help out anyway we could. Sorry to hear about the dog, Lucky. They become a true part of the family. had to put down our Augie 3 years ago, and although we have gotten a new one and he is wonderful, Augie will always be in our hearts.
    Jake and I are fine. I have reinvented myself and am working as a Sustitute Para Educator. so very happy, BTW, to learn that Kathleen has gone into teaching. What grades is she teaching? I do K-12, so I get quite a variety. I am in Richland School District. Jake is working part-time at Ace Hardware in Richland and loves it. His hours are pretty much his own.

    Drop us a note if you can. I will keep watching your blog. You do a great job with it.

    Our best to you all, Adrienne, Jake and Gillis.

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