The news does not improve

(I am writing this well after the fact but setting the publish date to when things happened.)

Frst Team checked things out today and declared that all the clothes which were exposed are a loss. Of course, this is everything hanging up in the closets which is generally our better stuff. Guess I get to go shopping, oh yippee. They will try to clean things which have sentimental importance to us, now we just have to sort through and decide what is important enough to spend that time and money on.

We did ask them take Grant’s tuxedo and do their best effort to clean it since he will need for the SOGO concert on Sunday, that will be back on Friday.

The previous night I had grabbed some clothes out of the dressers and brought them back to the room where ran them through two washings and then dried them. They were better but there was still some odor and since they were put in the drier that odor was not going to go away. Oh well, at least we something to wear, we were just going back into the house anyway, so might as well have stuff on we did not care much about.

Oh yeah, brought the car to the tire place, they have to order a new tire, should be here by Friday.

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