An interesting take on some statistics

So here is the first line from a statement I saw today:

Blogger is now the most popular content management system

Sounds pretty good for BLogger I bet they are happy about this assessment. Now when the rest of the statement is seen it does not sound so good for Blogger.

Blogger is now the most popular content management system behind the “big 3” WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, taking rank #4 from vBulletin.

What a terrible way to state things, they are the best except for those other three. When one actually looks at the numbers it is even more amazing they would state things that way, Blogger only has 3.5% of the CMS market compared to the big three who control 70.7%. Makes one wonder who pays the bills at

One thought on “An interesting take on some statistics”

  1. As an English teacher I wonder if it is an issue with the author’s ability to use language, or an issue with the author’s ability to think critically about data. So often, young writers want to appear more knowledgeable and so make an attempt to use sophisticated rhetoric before they have mastered the concepts. Non-native writers struggle with unfamiliar constructions. And writers who are not skilled mathematicians misconstrue data or use inaccurate language to describe what they know. In this case, a better “hook” would have been, “Blogger increases its share of CMS users.” Followed by additional data, this could have presented an optimistic, but honest, assessment of Blogger’s actual status in the market.

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