Who is the criminal here?

HSBC funds drug dealers and terrorists to the tune of many billions of dollars and they are fined, what, 1.9 billion? Sure a lot to you and me but to them, but for a company with assets of 2,721 billion dollars (that is 2.721 TRILLION dollars or 2,721,000,000,000) and a market cap of 201 billion dollars, it’s a slap on the wrist and of course none of the executives who signed off on this activity will ever see the inside of a court room let alone a jail cell.

Also let’s not forget about the banks and investment companies who were instrumental in crashing the worlds economy, something which we are still slowly recovering from. Did any of them face prosecutors? Hell no, they were given billions of dollars and the leaders of those organizations took millions in bonuses.

Last up, a guy downloads a lot of scientific journal articles intending to make them public, he faces the possibility of decades in prison and millions in fines. Well, this will never happen, he killed himself from the strain of facing this. The prosecutor now says that harsh of a sentence would never have happened, if that is the case then why did they put that sentence out there in the first place. Sure some journal companies would lose if these had been released but they would have continued on, there are always new journal articles coming out which they could keep under lock and key. Do wonder how much of the research these articles are based on was paid for with public funds? But that is another topic.

So which is worse, funding terrorists, destroying the economy or breaking into a wire room and downloading journal articles? Obviously, the last one since that is the only one where some type of prosecution was pursued.

Logitech Harmony Remote

The Logitech Harmony Remote (mine is model 700) is really a nice piece of technology. Unfortunately in order to make it usable it requires the Harmony software which is to be generous, not very good. When it works then it all is well but there many times when it is slow, kludgy, confusing or simply does not work. For instance, right now I cannot login into it, in order to get to the screen where the configuration can be done I have to use the Forgot Password function, every time. I have not forgotten my password.

Here is the one that made my eyes roll today. I was trying to change the time which the remote takes before changing the input when turning on the television (recently got a new TV, an Insignia 39″ 120 Hz model, not bad). The remote would try to change the input before the set was ready to accept the commands. Found a reference to where this could done in the software, when I got there the setting was not available and no indication of where to find it. Frustrating. A little searching on the Logitech forum though turned up how to get this done, had to hold down the Help button on the remote for about 5 seconds to get into the advanced functions menu where the delay could be changed. Very not intuitive, I had no idea this menu even existed. Oh well, once I adjusted it to a 9 second delay the input changes correctly when the TV is turned on which makes the remote much more useful.

An interesting take on some statistics

So here is the first line from a statement I saw today:

Blogger is now the most popular content management system

Sounds pretty good for BLogger I bet they are happy about this assessment. Now when the rest of the statement is seen it does not sound so good for Blogger.

Blogger is now the most popular content management system behind the “big 3” WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, taking rank #4 from vBulletin.

What a terrible way to state things, they are the best except for those other three. When one actually looks at the numbers it is even more amazing they would state things that way, Blogger only has 3.5% of the CMS market compared to the big three who control 70.7%. Makes one wonder who pays the bills at w3techs.com.