First of all watch what you mouse over when checking comments. I was just moving the mouse over to the Empty Spam button and a popup came up, the homepage link had javascript in it which brought up a small window. Be careful here, you never know what that popup will lead you to.

And then I saw this comment come through:

After I originally mentioned I visited the particular -Notify myself when completely new articles are added- checkbox and from now on each time a statement is definitely additional I recieve several emails together with the equivalent thoughts. Can there be any kind of method you can actually eliminate everyone coming from which assistance? Cheers!

This almost seems to make sense and if one is in a hurry would probably just hit approve and move on. After reading it once I had the proverbial question mark appear above my head, another reading and I realized it was something trying to make sense but just did not pull it off. Eventually these guys will improve their algorithms (and spelling) which will lead to these nonsense comment getting approved since they would look legitimate enough.

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