iTunes was driving me nuts!

iTunes Playlists with podcasts in them have moved, they are now under the podcast tab and must be selected there.

But it is all OK now. After a recent update to iTunes (one of the version 9 installs) I found that a smart playlist I had setup was no longer getting synced. This was quite irritating since it was a playlist of podcasts I had setup for when I am driving around, I set it to play and I don’t have to mess with the device again. For the past few weeks I have been trying off and on to find a solution to this and was getting quite frustrated until I finally noticed someone on a board say turn on playlist syncing under podcasts. I read that and thought there is no playlist option there, well I go take a look and realize that Apple added a new option for playlists on the podcast tab but it is below everything else so you don’t see it until you scroll down, subtle that since there was never a need to scroll before. I look down there and lo and behold there are all my playlists (smart and regular) which include podcasts, click the one I want and it syncs over properly. Glad to have this working again, hopefully this will help someone else from going nuts over this change.