Reality is for suckers

I had started this a while and forgot to publish it, so a little old but that does not mean the idea has lost merit.

Saw a reference to an interesting post over at John Dvorak’s site today. He was referring to an editorial which appeared at the The Independent, a British publication. A very interesting read, for the most part summed up what I have been thinking these past few weeks.

One of the replies I found most interesting was someone who was obviously against the current plan begin proposed which would include a public payer option and held up as examples that the current system works people who are getting good care on the Medicare system. I guess someone forgot to tell this guy that Medicare is government run and paid for health care paid for by taxes on all.

Taxes update

Took a look at my T-Mobile wireless bill this weekend and the city utility tax charge is still there, bit more than bothersome that. I did a little searching and found that Olympia levies a 9% taxes on phone service. So I called them up again asking where I can send information showing that my address is not in the city, will hear back from someone this week.

Upon reflection, I realize this would make a lovely class action lawsuit. There must be many thousands of people out there who are being charged these fees for localities they do not reside in and do not realize it.

It also occurred to me that I bet the sales tax they charge is also at the Olympia rate, not only does this compound my irritation but it is illegal. The law is that they must charge the rate for where the service is delivered, my house in this case. Perhaps a call to the Department of Revenue is in order to get these guys smacked down.