City taxes

Something for those of you out there who don’t live in a city. I was just looking at my cellular bill and noticed they are charging me a City Utility Users Tax. Well, I do not live in the city and feel that I pay enough in sales taxes which I cannot avoid to the city when shopping that I need not send more of my money to them. I called the company to get rid of this and was told that they base whether to charge this tax on the zip code which very inaccurate, my zip code covers two cities and about a quarter of the county. Hopefully they can clear this up and I can stop having to pay about 3.50 a month for service I don’t receive, not much but it does add up. If you don’t live in the city then check your bill and make sure there are not any incorrect charges there.

Convert .tod to mpg

Finally found a quick way to convert the .tod files which my JVC camcorder produces into the much more usable mpg format. I have tried the ffmpeg method but when I use that the resulting files cannot be opened in my editing program which does me no good. This same editing program also has a batch convert option, I just pull that up and point it at the directory full of tod files and tell it make me mpg files, takes a little while to run the convert but it is really only the time it takes read in the file, swap a few bytes and write it back out. The program is called VideoRedo, I have the TV Suite version, I really like it. The program will also pull in my TiVo files and allow me edit them for output to a DVD. I see that this version costs a bit at $75 but I think it is worth it.

One note, if you are doing this then first specify the output directory then add the files to convert, this way the resulting batch file will have the correct output path.