iPod Touch wifi issue

Just thought I throw this out here in case someone else has the problem and does not feel like plowing through the hundreds of comments on other sites. My lovely little iPod Touch decided that it did not want play networking anymore, going into the settings menu yielded the message No wi-fi and the wi-fi menu was not even available, it was disabled for some reason. Very annoying as I had to go check twitter, withdrawal symptoms were setting in.

Well, thankfully the solution was pretty simple, just enter the Setting menu, then choose General, spin to the bottom and choose Reset. Now choose the Reset Network Settings option and the menu should be enabled now. Unfortunately you will have to reenter your long and nasty key but it will after that which is the goal.


(Oops, forgot to publish this last week.)

There must be someone at MS with a sense of humor after all or perhaps John Cleese is consulting for them. Monty Python had a scit where a medical machine was brought into a hospital whose only redeeming value was that it went bing! Funny that MS wants associate their search engine with something that did nothing except cost money.