What’s up with Safari?

So I was checking out digg on the iPod touch yesterday and saw an interesting link there about why one should jailbreak their iPhone, well when I visited it safari crashed, makes me wonder, coincidence? Then later I was checking some other sites and safari was crashing on those too. It seems that Apple has messed something up here or perhaps my install is faulty, whatever is happening it is certainly annoying.

iPod Touch updated

Went on a bit of rant there, oh well, I was very irritated with all the time I had spent on trying to get the update to install.
Finally found a document which solved my problems. Turns out I just had to put the iPod into recovery mode and and let itunes do its stuff. Once I hit the restore button while in recovery mode a box popped up telling me all the great things about the 2.1 update and would I agree to have to this installed. I said yes, of course, already paid for the bloody thing, paid a lot more when my time is counted in.
It is now all restored and synced up, this is better. Only problem now is that somewhere along the way all the settings were lost so now I have to reenter my wireless key and mail passwords, sigh. At least it worked and I have an idea of what to to do next time if this happens again.

What is up with Apple?

I am feeling a quite frustrated with Apple today. Over the weekend I thought I would update my ipod touch to the new 2.1 firmware so I went into itunes paid my 9.95 (had not paid for 2.0 yet) and then nothing. The only download that happens is a little 0.4 kb file which does not tell me anything and that is it. I suspect that the powers that be at apple get quite irritated when the firmware is put up for download allowing people to just grab it free and update their hardware but with experiences like this why should one go through the legal channels to obtain these updates? I will try again to get this tonight suppose if it still does not work I can try to get my money back from apple but the phrase fat chance springs to mind. I can always dispute the charge at the credit card company and would be well in my rights to since they did not deliver the goods.