Interesting poster

I was downtown a couple weeks and there was an anti-abortion group there with a large poster on the side of an RV. It was an interesting message they had, the caption on the sign was “He’s not heavy he’s my brother.” The picture was that of a fetus apparently in utero. I found this quite offensive actually since there is only one way for a woman to carry a fetus which is her brother is if her father impregnated her. So along with everything else these groups advocate apparently they also feel that incest is acceptable. Amazing.

Worthless Poll

Will the demise of HD DVD push you to buy a Blu-ray hi-def player?

I win! I bought Blu-ray already.
Too late, I bought HD DVD and I’m stuck.
No, I’m waiting for hi-def downloads.
No, I don’t need a hi-def DVD player.
What’s HD DVD?

So this poll which appeared at Computerworld after Toshiba announced the end of HD-DVD asks a very specific question. But notice, there is no possible answer here for “Yes, I will buy a Blu-ray player now”, worthless poll. If you are going to ask a specfic question then at least give the option to answer said question in a positive way.