Visual Studio 2008

I got a copy of visual studio 2008 at work and was eager to give it a try after going to a demo at microsoft and heard about its capabilities. For the most part it worked well but it has given some problems that make non-starter for me. The big one is that I was working on a new page with a number of gridviews on it and when I selected the edit template option the view changed but the correct controls that would allow me actually edit the templates never came. In fact all of the gridviews disappeared from view. When I closed the page and reopened things were good again but the edit template still did not work.
Obviously we are going to have till service pack 1 on this product also. I wish that microsoft would realize that this shoddy work gets very tiresome.

The other problem I am not sure I can blame on visual studio 2008 or not but it is was certainly coincidental. After installing the application on a toshiba laptop the configfree program started crashing and blue screening the computer on bootup. I cannot definitively say it was visual studio that caused this but the problem did not exist before it was installed.
Also a big annoyance concerning VS is that when installing it insists on including a large amount of stuff for doing windows mobile development. I do not need this and never wanted it but it all goes on anyway. This of course makes uninstalling this thing a cast iron bitch since there about 15 items that have to be removed. Would it be so difficult to make this as an optional install?