iPhone/iPod Touch Development

So Apple announced that third part development will be allowed on the iPhone and iPod touch, very cool news and certainly took them long enough to realize the desire there.

As I thought about this more I realized why Apple took the stance they did initially, they could see that this product was going to be very popular and widely used so to keep it from going the way of Windows where there are tens and hundreds of exploits and viruses a day being released Apple said no development then no exploits. I can understand this attitude, Apple has been skating by on their perceived security for a long time now. We all know that if the Mac were to have been as big as Windows is now then a lot of bad stuff would been released for it, perhaps it could not do as much but that would not stop the criminals from trying. So in order to avoid that security black eye Apple said no development outside of the browser, a strategy which has been an abysmal failure.

Going to be interesting to see what security they add to the iPhone since it apparently has little security at this point.  If it did then it would not have been so easily hacked and then rehacked.

Dept of Licensing is amazing

Went in to the Department of Licensing (DOL) to renew the tabs on the car today which went fairly smoothly.  One very interesting thing is that Washington citizens are now required to show a valid drivers license in order to renew their car tabs. Not sure what problem they are trying to solve here, if someone is driving around with an expired license then when the police pull them over they will be punished. Why should having a properly licensed vehicle require the registered owner to have a valid drivers license?  I could very well be registering the car so my child could use it and I no longer drive for whatever reason.

What is truly amazing here is that this is the same department that issues said drivers license, seems like they could easily check this themselves.  When I pointed this out to the person behind the counter I was told that at an earlier time DOL had spent 39 million dollars to try to connect the two databases and the process failed. This is just truly amazing, how hard is it to add a new field to the car tab database where the registered owners drivers license is stored and then create a process which would check said license against the drivers license database.  Something like this should not take longer than a month to put together, lets give them 3 months since they are an odious bureaucracy who the Vogons would be impressed by.  Certainly not 39 million dollars worth of work here.