Install Nero on Vista

I had to pick up a new dvd writer since the Sony I had picked up a couple years ago stopped ejecting the disks and would scratch them. Disappointing. So I went up to Frys and found a Pioneer drive that came with Nero and got it.  My first attempt to install the Nero software was and absolute failure, it did warn me but I figured I could install the version on the disk and then upgrade with the latest update, no go.

The way to make this work is actually quite easy. Download the latest update from the nero website and start the install using that. When the screen comes up asking for the key click on the button (might be a link) at the bottom on this screen there is Check button, insert the CD that came with the drive and click the button. This will cause the installer to pull the key from the CD at which point the install can continue.  Everything should work properly now.  Good luck, hope this helps.