Drop all foreign keys

I was working on some tables today and found the need to drop all the foreign key constraints. There is no easy function in the manager so I whipped up this little bit of SQL that will create the commands needed to do this.  This will work in MS Sql Server 2000 and 2005

FROM information_schema.table_constraints

Starting book 7

The first page is a couple quotes about death and how even if friends die they are still with us. An ominous beginning, on to the first chapter, I promise not put up any spoilers here since I really don’t like to read them myself.

Took a few days, I was doing other things around the house but did finally finish the book by Tuesday morning.  Kind of had to since the kids were back from their trip and they wanted a copy. A ripping good read, J.K. again spins a very engaging tale .

Seattle Times lead story for 7/1/07

So the top story today in the Seattle Times was state employee pay. This article actually deserves a much longer reply than I will put up here tonight but I needed to get something started at least. I found it interesting that this was a lead story for the first section, it reads very much like an editorial instead of simply reporting.

A couple things that was never noted in the article are that the big raises they noted, the 10, 15, 20 percent and more are not a result of the union bargaining but from salary surveys that the department of personnel performs. The other thing to note is that the intent of the salary survey is bring compensation to be at most 25% behind that of the private industry. That would not exactly count as being overpaid.

more later, this was a long article it irritated me a great deal.