A week in Seattle

I have spent this past in Seattle attending a class at netdesk on XML.  An interesting class, the capabilities of XML and the various enhancement surrounding it like xslt are quite amazing.  I am looking forward to using this in the future to do interesting things with xml.

The other times I have been up I stayed at the Red Lion but this time I am at the the Sorrento Hotel. This is a nice place, apparently one of, if not the, oldest hotel in Seattle.  That is not a bad thing, the place has been well kept up and it also means that the single room is not some tiny little compartment where turning around is a challenge. The closet is big enough to walk into and store bags and such in without trouble. And the windows open! hardly ever find that today.

The only thing I have found to be disappointing is their fireside room.  The room is nice enough and if meeting friends it is good but the food service in there leaves a lot to be desired, the prices high for how little they serve and service is slow.  After I finished my sandwich, did I mention it was somewhat sparse, I asked for a couple minutes to decide on a desert, the server finally returned about 15 minutes later.  I just asked for the check and left.

Now this just the opposite from what the main dining room was like.  The server was very responsive and the Seafood Pot-a-feu I had was very good. I missed desert because I was late going down but even though I was there 10 minutes before closing the server  was very accommodating and responsive.

So, this is a  nice place and if you can afford then I certainly recommend it.

SimAquarium Fish notes

Notes on the various fish in SimAquarium, a fun widget that is available for the Opera browser. I have been looking for information on the fish in this little widget but have not been having much luck so here some my observations.

Southern platyfish – Inexpensive fish that reproduces quickly. Does not produce a lot of pollution. Short lived.

Guppy – An inexpensive that reproduces ok. Short lived.

Rosy Barb – Keep this fish in the tank all by itself and it will reproduce well. When it has to compete with other fish then its reproduction is slow to non-existent. Must have at least an underground filter or the water will dirty quickly. Slow growing but long lived. Appears the max per tank is 13.

Cardinal Tetra – This fish will reproduce quickly but does not cause too much pollution. A tank can support more than 60 of these fish without problem. Lives a little longer than the Sailfin but not much.

Marine Angelfish – very slow growing and reproduces quite slowly. They do look nice in the tank though.

Freshwater Angelfish – slow to grow and long lived, once full grown will reproduce quickly, especially when some breeding hormones are tossed in.

Discus – grows fast and short lived but will reproduce quickly especially with breeding hormones in the tank.

Paradise Fish – If you are looking to breed more fish then keep away from this one, it is very slow to reproduce if ever.

Hello again

I really need to make more time to put things in here, I have not been ignoring this for any good reason, either get too busy or just involved in something (civilization III has been my recent distraction).

This was productive evening, along with finally getting something written up here I managed to fix the lamp that was not working.  This lamp had a dimmer switch and it always had an annoying buzz, well it appears that the switch gave up and was not letting enough power through to light the halogen bulb.  Pulled it apart cut out the switch and reconnected the wires and all was well.  Now we can see things in the living room again.