Gay marriage amendment

I was just watching the debate on C-Span while getting ready to head out this morning and heard some interesting points.  The first is that if gay marriage is so bad and threat marriage between a man and a woman then there should be some additional items added to this amendment. Along with banning same sex marriage, divorce should be banned, what bigger threat is there to “conventional” marriage than divorce so we should stop that.  Another large threat to marriage is adultery, so make that a felony, we need to get serious here.  Lastly, the worst threat is abuse so make sure that is banned in the there also and make the penalty very severe.

And the other very interesting point made by one of our representatives is that the constitution requires us to procreate. I must have missed that passage when I last read the constitution.  So we need one more clause in this amendment just to make sure the point is completely clear, if one cannot procreate within thier marriage then they need to divorce and find someone who can and marry him or her.  I guess that presents a problem since divorce was banned earlier.  Boy, what a confusing subject.

9-11 Cover Up?

This is probably old news to some, I had heard rumors before but never saw so many of the allegations in one place. So, I watched this video called 911 Cover Up recently and found it quite interesting. It is difficult to definitively prove what he says one or the other but there are some very good questions raised here.

Let me just say that I would not be terribly surprised if the Bush administration did orchestrate the events of 9-11-2001 for their own political gain. Think back on much power the White House has amassed and every time someone questions the standard response is 9-11. Enough said, I suspect the black helicopters will be landing in the rron yard soon.