Earth Day

So we spent this earth day in an interesting way.  We have been piling up brush for eventual disposal and today was when we finally put the torch to it. So in order to redeem this destruction we pulled out the dutch oven and filled it with stew then buried it in the coals to cook. Along with this Kathleen made up some bannock and put a pan on top of the coals, filled it in with a fair bit of oil and cooked them up. That fire was quite hot and cooked things up very nicely.

Here are couple pics from the feast, those aren’t eggs in the pan, they are the bannocks.

A week away

At least a week away from work, it quite nice just to hang around the house and relax. Especially nice not to have be at that office.

The best part of the week was over the weekend we went up to White Pass. A fabulous two days of skiing, the weather was fairly good and we all had a great time. This was the second time out for the kids, they had lessons on both days which helped them a lot. Matthew was pretty tired after skiing on the bunny slope for a few hours and never did get a chance to ski with him unfortunately. Grant and I though were tearing up the slope. We both went up the big lift about 4 times on Saturday and 10 or so trips on Sunday. By the end of the day he was linking together some nice parallel turns and was not feeling so intimidated by the steeper slopes.

Once he was tired out I was able to ski alone for a couple hours which gave me the chance to try out the rental skis. These newer skis are certainly a lot easier to use than the old dynastars I had from the early 80s. There are some nice steep slopes there, about the only drawback is the lower slope is pretty basic where it is mostly just down without any moguls or other fun stuff. That does give one the chance to pick up some speed at least.

The only drawback is we did not have the camera out which is too bad because the view was spectacular.