New Orleans

Well, I guess a building a new city elsewhere would be a bit difficult. Certainly though it should not be too difficult to comprehend that rebuilding the areas that flooded so badly would be throwing good money after bad. Another flood will happen someday and it will all be destroyed again. Rebuild but do it where the flood danger is minimal or non-existant and hopefully the spirit of New Orleans will also return.


Just saw news that there was a big earthquake in the Kashmir area. Those poor people, having to put up with the stuff between India and Pakistan and now this. My heart goes out to them.

One thing that struck me was that a representative for the president of Pakistan flew over the area immediately in order to survey the problems. Contrast this with our current buffoon who did not want to interrupt his precious 6 week vacation in order to try to do something for the for those who were suffering in New Orleans. I don’t think that Pakistan would be a better place to live but at least they are responive to the suffering of their people.