We need a new New Orleans

I have been thinking about the disaster down South a bit this past week, who hasn’t really. When you get right down to it the best thing to do would be to call the city a loss and rebuild further upstream on a piece of land that is actually above the level of the surrounding bodies of water. What we have now is insane! A mistake was made many years ago when New Orleans was founded, now is the time to correct that mistake. Instead of spending hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild something that will only be destroyed again lets treat the water that is there and create a new New Orleans, better, faster, stronger.

It would be madness to move back there now, this
details the problems. We need to build a large treatment plant that can process this nasty brew and send all the people north to a new place. Rarely does a society get a chance to build a new city like this, we should take this opportunity and do it because next time it is only going to be more expensive and anyone who thinks there won’t be a next is crazy.