Star Wars Episode 3

The kids insisted (Matthew mostly) and I certainly did not argue that we should see star wars episode 3 on the first day. So I ordered up the tickets and we went to the 9:30 am showing (the 9 am show was already sold out). It is nice going that early, people trickle in more slowly and the better seats don’t fill up too fast.

It was worth it, Lucas did a fine job with this movie. The dialogue was a better the action was great and really helped to pull the threads together. There were some parts I felt could have been expanded on some more but there are definite time constraints to factor in. Making it 10 minutes longer would not have mattered anyway, it seemed to go by pretty quickly as it is.

Web hosting provider to avoid

A few years ago Kathleen had setup an account with a web host for her old church. The site worked but the support just stank so we moved the site to our current provider (page-zone). So I guess what I am trying to say here is that if you if happen upon these guys, run away, you only regret being associated with them. The company is called dataneuron and they may look slick but it is a nightmare dealing with them. Of course, this is all my own opinion if you really want to go them fine that is your affair, but when things go bad, I told you so. Go over to page-zone, I have been pleased with them.

Welcome back?

It’s been a while since I was here, not for a lack of topics, just laziness. sigh.

Last Sunday Matthew finished up his concert season with SOGO. This was the sample of SOGO, a number of local restaurants bring in different foods and the groups play music for us while we eat. Quite nice although it can get a bit noisy. I am always very impressed with good the groups are in that orchestra.

Our dishwasher stopped draining a while ago so I started taking it apart to find out what was wrong. The machine had never been dismantled and it showed, what a mess. Caked up soap and food crud which had to be cleaned, yuck, it is much better now and once the new parts arrive I am hoping it will work again, washing by hand gets old.

Lots of lovely rain lately, everything is growing so much. The grass picks up about 4 inches a week and there are so many blossoms on the fruit trees! Those apples, plums and peaches and such are going to be quite tasty this summer and fall.