So I was watching the news the other day and the subject of marriage came up. There is currently a court case in this state which could invalidate the laws here that disallow gay couples to be legally married. What caught my attention was a comment by one who was against this happening, he said that if marriage is opened to all then there would fewer marriages. I have tried to figure out how that would work but I cannot. Heterosexual couples will still get married and when you add in the additional marriages that gays would account for then there would be more marriages, not fewer. This is basic math, two positive numbers added together yield a larger positive number.

Now let’s suppose this guy had something, in other words fewer heterosexual couples will marry because homosexual couples are allowed to. The ones not getting married will likely be the conservative christians which would mean that because of their strict interpretations they would never consider living together and/or having children outside of marriage. So within a generation or two this bunch will no longer be a problem simply because they are not reproducing. Here’s hoping that guy was correct.