Dino Rossi and the Orange Bowl

It is nice that USC had such a large margin of victory in the Orange Bowl, this means that Dino Rossi will likely not be calling for the game to be replayed because it was too close. Although I did notice near the end of the game that it appeared that there were many more tickets sold than spectators present so that may reason to challenge it.

My point here is that I think he is trying to find fault where none exists, sure there were problems, I doubt there has ever been and election anywhere that was not one problem or another just usually the margin of victory is large enough that it does not matter. We are human after all, fallible creatures, our goal is simply to have as few mistakes as possible and fix the ones we find. Of course half of the population of this fine state disagrees with me, that’s fine, we all have our opinions. As long mine don’t hurt someone else it should not be a problem.