Nice long weekend

I recommend four day weekends. I had Thursday off for Veterans day and I took a day of leave for Friday, quite nice and relaxing. Got quite a bit done too, we put up shelves in the office and utility room, washed a fair bit of clothes, cut the grass, cleaned and made bread. I rested a bit today since it is Sunday after all, at least until I took Matthew to SOGO practice. I went over the the Y and worked out for about an hour. I am going to feel that tomorrow.

The bread was quite nice, on Friday I made a sourdough peasant black bread and Saturday was a bit of an experiment, a sourdough spelt bread. Pretty basic, just substituted the wheat flour for spelt and kneaded it for a while. Only mistake was I forgot about during the rise and it overflowed the pan, literally. I punched it down and put it back in the pans but it just did not have the same oomph, it’s OK just a little small.

Gentoo and udev

So I was trying to get udev working on my gentoo install this evening and it was giving me no end of trouble. First when I tried booting it complained that there was no console, you have to look quick to figure this out because the darn thing rebooted pretty quickly. A little digging found the fix for this, udev is not yet started to create the devices needed but the console and null device are needed. To fix this boot to the recovery cd and run the following in the dev directory:
mknod -m660 console c 5 1
mknod -m660 null c 1 3

With this done I thought all would be well. I rebooted and it again broke on me, this time it could not find the entry in dev for the filesystem. So dig some more. I read the howto and forum postings on and followed their setup but to no avail. Eventually I hit upon the problem. Since I was changing over from devfs to udev I had to remove the file in /dev that told the system that devfs was running. The file is .devfs or something like that. Once this was out of the way the system was able to boot properly, creating all the device nodes that were needed. Actually it was just untarring them from a file so I am not running pure udev yet, that will come when I feel brave again.