Good Day

Good day to you and today has been a good day. The really good news:
Boston WON! Beat the Yankees in 4 straight games! I have always liked Boston, rooting for the underdog I guess and have never liked the Yankees, not many who live outside New York who do and most of them are from NY in the first place I suspect.

Good day at work too. Bit of a scare this morning, a client could not connect to the web app I have been working on, turns out it was thier firewall blocking access. The odd thing is that it was working well before an upgrade was installed Tuesday night. Very odd since nothing changed in how the web app is acccessed. The rest of the day went pretty well thankfully.

I have finally taken the chance to watch the rest of Season 3 of the show 24. I had seen the first two seasons on DVD and recorded the third, now finally watching it. It is a very well done series.