A trying day.

Just a quick note here. First look at the past couple months for more happenings, I have been trying to fill in some gaps. Keep looking back, it will take me a while to get all my thoughts out.

What a day today was, thankfully it is almost over and we can try to make tomorrow better. There was blow up this morning between Kathleen and Matthew. Everyone is feeling the stress of going back to school I think, many different emotions bubbling up over this event, some good, some bad. It all starts the 8th, hopefully it will improve.

It was so bad I came home to help keep the peace and it generally worked. Later in the day we went out the YMCA for a swim. A good break for all of us, have to do that more often (we have certainly not been doing it enough lately). The evening closed out well so there is hope for tomorrow although I will probably go into work since I am trying to put in some overtime, time will tell.

Bothersome vendors

A while ago, probably about a year now, I purchased some ink cartridges from myinks.com (no link here because I don’t want to up their google ranking). At the time I did not think anything about the marketing messages they sent me since I did purchase something from them and may have even requested it. Since then my inkjet printer has broken and has not been replaced so I no longer have any use for their emails and I have told them just that a number of times. I still receive emails from these scoundrels, so obviously I suggest they if you need ink that you DO NOT use myinks.com as you will be spammed by them until they go out of business. Hopefully this message will help hasten just such a scenario.

I was just thinking, I could probably sue these guys under the washington state spam laws, other have done it and actually made money from it. An intriguing thought, have to see what is involved.