Job change

My last few days at GA and then on to DOT.

This week marks my last few days at General Adminstration. I have been there 7 years so moving somewhere else is a bit of an event. My new position will be essentially the same type of work, programming in powerbuilder and C#.Net but I do get a promotion and raise out of it. That is the main reason I am leaving actually, the management at GA decided that I should not get a promotion there despite all that I did there. Many people have expressed reget to me that my presence will be missed, this did not have to happen but I wanted a promotion on my merits not simply on because someone else offered me one. One of the supervisors actually said to he did want to have “a gun held to head” (figuratively, of course) regarding giving me a promotion. Well, I did not want to do that either so I took the offer and removed the pressure from him.

Ah well, I ramble on here. I am excited about moving and look forward to new challenges but I am also a bit sad about leaving. I feel that I did many good things at GA and there were opportunities to do more but I could not continue there without some kind of recognition. Time will tell whether this was a good move or not, I personally have the feeling it will work out quite well.

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