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After several years with an old (before 1993) picture of my paternal grandmother and me with our husbands, then one of me in 2002, here is one from Sept 06. We are still four two-legged critters and two four-legged critters, living in a 1700-square foot single-story house on an acre of muddy, partially-treed terra firma-sorta. It rains a lot in the autumn and winter!

The children are healthy, both are playing in the school band now -- one trumpet, one trombone. Both have success in their own way and their own subjects at school. Both are doing the (adolescence) thing fairly regularly, which is alternately exciting and exasperating.

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The old year has flown by! We are looking with amazement at some of the things we survived, and some of the things we did; so glad that we didn't have to make it through some of the challenges that others have had!
This new year promises to be exciting and I am sure will hold many surprises both happy and otherwise. Looking forward to warmer, dryer weather, anticipating more concerts and events, excited about some of the activities planned for the first half of the year.
May you and yours experience the love, joy and peace in the new year and through all your lives.
As always, I wish you and yours a blessed and peaceful season. May your gardens, whether earth-bound or spiritual, grow and bring you great joy.

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