August 24, 2002

I want to post more here, now just need to get the gumption up. Time will tell.

I got some pictures back the other day and wanted to put them put up, hopefully this will get to continue to post here on a regular basis.

Here are the two pictures I want to start with, The first is Grant at the seashore and the other one is one of our plum tree after only two years. Needs a good pruning this winter and next year we need to thin it some, too much fruit this year. Click on pictures to see a bigger version.
Grant and boat Plum tree with fruit

August 26, 2002

Keeping in the spirit of Jerry Pournelle I saw an opera on Sunday, The Magic Flute by Mozart. This was a different interpretation in that it was sung in english. Not sure if the original has this or not but this version also had a fair number of spoken parts and Mozart was character in this opera who talked about what was going on and other chit chat. This did have a great benefit in keeping the kids interested. Both boys came with us and they made it through the entire 3 hour show without any fussing. That pretty tells you that it was well done. Enjoyable. The past few days has been mostly work and kids. On my home box I am compiling up the lastest KDE. Sure takes a while, someday I will have a better box or now I get by with a dual processor pentium II 333. Works well enough.