April 1, 2003

Hey look out for that bear! April Fool.. My absence this time was forced on me. Last Thursday I was changing something that required a reboot, playing with the kernel. The machine went down and never came back up again. I fooled with that sucker for hours trying to get it to start up but no go. It did start to boot once when I had stripped out everything non-essential but it was only toying with me, never happened again. I am majorly bummed! So now I have been shopping for new motherboards and processors, likely Intel, don't ask me why but that is what I am looking for now. I have a backup machine that I am setting up gentoo on right now, it is taking a while, this is just an AMD K6-2 400 mhz. It works though.

Yesterday was my birthday, this kind of snuck up on me. It wasn't until about 9am that it hit what day it was. I think I need more sleep. It was a good day, can't complain.

April 2, 2003