January 6, 2003

Get back later. Well now is later I guess but certainly not the same day. It is at least the same month which is better than I have been doing.

Fun times this weekend, my friend John from Whitman visited on Saturday. Nice day of visiting and relaxing some. Actually I worked a bit, baked up a couple loaves of bread for the week with an extra to send back with John and also three loaves of french bread for dinner. Once that was done I relaxed.

Sunday I was playing around some. I started looking at the palm pilot we have. Initially it was gotten for Matthew but he is just a little too young yet. The machine was abused a bit and eventually got to the point where it would not work reliably. Either would not start up or when it would the digitizer would be wacko clicking in one spot would cause an action elsewhere. It was wacked out in such a way that getting to the place where the digitizer is reset was not possible, had to reset it. So, figuring that it is the electronics that are bad I found a replacement motherboard for it (only $10, wow) and ordered it. Of course right after I order this m/b the darn thing starts to work properly again. Go figure.

Well, I am going to take it over now and because of that I start looking for something that will sync it up on my linux box under KDE. I find something (KPilot) but it wants QT 3.1 installed and I am on 3.0.x. All right I say, let's get QT 3.1. I install that and fire up KDE but things are kind of bad now, some things don't work and others wish they did not. Turns out I missed the messed saying that kdelibs needs to be recompiled to work properly. This brings up to right now, my machine is busily recompiling, hopefully will be done sometime today. kdelibs is a big sucker though.

Such fun though. I like being to tweak things to get them work. In linux this is possible because one can generally roll back a change and still understand what is going on. Windows of course hides everthing and if the wrong is tweaked then no more working OS with little to do but reinstall. One of the things I don't like about windows.